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5 Easy Tips to Become a Guelphite

Slow down, you move too fast
You got to make the morning last
Just kicking down the cobblestones
Looking for fun and feelin’ groovy
Paul Simon 59th Street Bridge Song

So you made the move to Guelph, Canada’s best city to own real estate! (Thanks Moneysense!)Guelph Downtown

Awesome. We’re happy to welcome you. No doubt you’re feeling a little shy, unsure as to how to fit in with the locals. This ain’t Toronto baby. In this town, you want to remember that it pays to be friendly, because you will see these people again! Do you want to make some friends and feel like you belong? Here are a few hints to help you get comfortable, and learn to become a Guelphite.

1. Slow down! It’s hard to believe, but you really can get across Guelph in 15 or 20 minutes. Take your time. Open a window and enjoy the ride. Besides, if you hurry you might overshoot your destination. Guelph city blocks are shorter than those in bigger cities. Guelph was designed almost 200 years ago when people walked or rode a horse.

2. If you’re walking, take the time to smile and say hello. Look them in the eye and say good morning. Really! We prefer that you do. We’re a friendly, welcoming bunch. Pretty soon you will recognize folks and you will want to stop and say hi. Get to know your neighbours. Invite them over for a potluck, or even just a beer in the back yard.

3. Guelph has a ton of great restaurants and shops, with lots of cultural diversity. Even if you don’t live downtown, take the time to wander, maybe even get lost for a bit. Get to know it. Appreciate the architecture.

4. Take a stroll to the Guelph Farmer’s Market any time of year and revel in the fresh food, fun and creative arts and crafts. Buy a coffee and people watch for a while. You’ll be amazed.

5. Put a smile on your face! You did it! You made it out of the Big Smoke and now you are living in a community that really works. Congratulations! Now you’re really living.